Let us Drive your team towards the results they need. 

Mars Leads is a complete Business to Business solution tailored for Sales and Marketing teams. The first platform to qualify and recommend leads in real-time. 

Our Leads are so good you'll think they're from Outer Space. 

Our Mission is to Skyrocket your team straight to Mars!

To us, Mars represents the goals of your Sales and Marketing teams. We do the impossible to help your company aim towards a more predictable sales cycle. We are proud to say that Mars Leads is the first platform that is able to qualify and recommend leads based on a value of what we believe is the possibility of a prospect buying your product. This will help Sales and Marketing engage with more users, drive more sales, and more importantly, make real valuable connections. 

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We give

you a vast variety of options from every Industry available on the web. This gives you the ability to empower your team and get verified data exactly when you need it. 

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Mars Leads advanced AI algorithm allows for a

fully customized set of rules and search criteria in order for you to narrow down the results to best match your immediate needs. Saved profiles allow you to revisit past custom searches in order to facilitate the best-fit for your future needs as they evolve.



Thanks to the power of our platform, Mars Leads is able to recommend the likelihood of success you may have with a potential customer, based on a set of established parameters that will help you narrow down every search. 


Get real-time verified fresh Information straight from our platform, while simultaneously having the option to export it directly into your CRM or other formats you might require. A complete package right at the grasp of your fingertips. 

The Problem

A lack of lead health in the industry, counter intuitive tools, and unnecessary information that creates more friction for the salesperson or marketer.


The Search

Qualifying leads can be an arduous job. It is a unnecessary stress to not be able to find the leads you require or not know how to search for them in the first place.


Wasted Time

When it comes to Sales, Marketing or Recruiting, time is of the essence. While you're out there looking for prospects, someone else is already reaching out to your next customer.



Most times the information you may find during research may be severely outdated without you even being able to realize it.

Target Accuracy

One of the pedestals of outreach is getting the right target and reaching out at the right time. With antiquated methods, this is quite hard to acquire.

The Solution

Mars Leads doesn’t reinvent the wheel, we just use it differently. We utilize a series of information gathering techniques to ensure our users get the most qualified leads available on the Web. This is done based on a series of key questions asked of our customers with the goal of setting a baseline of parameters for the kind of leads and information they want to receive.


Verified Information

Send the right email at the right time to the right target. All of it thanks to our contact verification tool and the power of our web scraper.


Ever Growing Database

With a very extensive lead portfolio, our database grows larger everyday and we ensure that our data quality is as optimal as it is healthy.


Updated Progression

We keep our customers updated by providing them with interesting news, crisp leads, and options to maximize your sales and marketing experience.


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